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Big Wind  - Save Rural Communities
"A job well done... Is worth everything"
The corporation you have dealt with told you what you wanted to hear. Read the article "Economic Windfall in the proper perspective"(link below).  
​This site is not affiliated with any corporation and does not receive funding from any source but is run on volunteer efforts. Thank you to all of you who are trying to 
 #Save Rural Communities

"We can do better"
Before jumping in to signing an agreement, including so called "Good Neighbor" agreements be sure to study your options. Do not let the big corporations bully you. Do what you think is not only best for you but is best for your neighbors. No one wants their property devalued or to live in an evacuation zone.
"A LLC is not a real happy family like DTE says. 
It is a limited liability corporation..."
Although DTE says everyone will be happy, like a happy family, that does not explain why in other established wind farms people are putting up a resistance against any more turbines. There are thousands of people who have complained from the negative impact of wind turbines too close to their homes and property.
Attend your township meetings
Request a moratorium on wind turbine building so they can have time to study the issues
About this Site
​Above are maps that show the exact KNOWN easements (highlighted in yellow, with the exceptions of the towns and villages that are also yellow) that have been signed off in 4 Branch County Townships. This does not reflect the true extent of the easements. DTE/ATWELL is believed to be 'processing' them and they are not registerd yet. Word of mouth has other major landowners signed off already, but not registered. These maps only reflect the ones that are verifiable, registered with the Register of Deeds of Branch County. These maps will be updated when possible with accurate information. This information is not meant to shame landowners but to alert other residents that they will need to work with their township boards to get some set backs to protect property values, health and safety and your home from the side effects of noise, pressure, low frequency sound, shadow light flicker etc. It seems most serious health complaints are on record with homes less than a mile. However, as tower sizes increase, the set backs etc. must also increase. 
Branch County is not known for steady wind
Anyone who loves eagles and birds will question..is industrial mega wind turbine farms the best way to produce electricity when so many of our precious, and endangered species birds are killed by them? There are two videos on this site about the deaths of eagles. 
Despite the political slant of this Canadian video, it shows what the race to fill Ontario with wind farms has done to the health and welfare of the people living near them. The documentary is called "DOWNWIND"
This is a frightening video about what can happen with wind turbines. How they can break apart in high winds, how they can catch fire and how they kill birds. Although this video is dramatic, these instances can happen and no one should be forced to live within an evacuation zone, or to have to leave their home for their 'neighbor's' profit.
This is a very comprehensive documentary in three parts about what it is like to live near a wind farm.
Part 2
Part 3
Part 1