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Big Wind  - Save Rural Communities
The secret to their success is your land 
DTE, a nuclear corporation, the ITC, a company that began with DTE and is still an affiliate, and Atwell, an oil and gas drilling and surveying company have joined forced to gain control of the resources of Branch County and other areas along pipelines and high voltage power lines for 'wind' development. The giant turbines will reach 600' if townships do not act to set limitations through zoning restrictions. Several townships have passed moratoriums on any new building of industrial wind turbines to give time to study key and relevant issues to make the best decisions for the community. Many residents do not want to lose the pristine quality of the woodland, farmland area.
Access roads compact land. Heavy equipment destroys roads and infrastructure. Farmers tile, irrigation systems and rural wells can be impacted. Along with industrial wind turbines (IWT) comes more electric current, transmission lines, power stations, service stations, and a change from an agricultural, woodland, rural community to more industrial one as time goes on. IWT kill birds, bats and wildlife...and can injure even kill people! Worker deaths are more common than others, but many living close to these projects suffer from EMF and the effects of the spinning turbines Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS). Blades can reach speeds of 180 mph at the tips.

An established wind farm rural community is like a rural ghost town. Many homes are abandoned. Only the grating, churning sound is ever present. The photos here were taken near Ludington, Michigan.
With wind turbines come high voltage power lines, and increased voltage running through existing lines. Since there is no energy storage, stray voltage occurs.
wer lines and more
This video shows the effects of wind turbines on people living close to them (1,600 feet to three miles). It is very informative and should indicate what is ahead for Branch County residents if the townships do not legislate restrictions on the industrial wind turbines....to protect their residents and the wildlife that makes rural life what it is.
"Once they are up they will never go away, so you need to do research on what will happen to you."

 "The township should never have allowed a wind turbine to be built near you in the first place."

"The sound is worse in the winter....We are planning on getting out of here"

"We are facing more expense because of the turbines."

"They have no idea how we feel when we get up in the morning and are sleep deprived."

"Turbines need to be farther away from residential communities."

Inside a running wind turbine